Crosstown Chanson

by Pear Claw

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released March 27, 2016

Mike Shoykhet - guitar, vocals, piano
Karen Claman - viola, vocals

Recorded in Astoria, Queens and at W 14'th St., NYC
Mastered by Casey Holford at Golden Rule Studio

Cover photo by Karen Claman
Band photo by Emily Claman

Special thanks to Ray Brown



all rights reserved


Pear Claw New York, New York

Pear Claw are an acoustic duo from Queens, NY. They draw inspiration from Jules Verne novels, old Disney films and Russian bard music. They have played basements, rooftops and the Sidewalk Café. The poet Bernard King has called them "magical."

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Track Name: Manhattan
I hear the tune, but the words won't come
I'll find them anyhow,
For Love I am become
And so I have them now.

It never starts on time, no, we won't be late
And life is flying through the streets
Without a mirror, without a license plate,
With leopard covers on the seats.

Hey Bobby, I'm going to Manhattan
Back to the Monday crowd
And Brooklyn's fine, but she's no friend of mine
And if you want a ride I'm leaving now.

I'm bleeding verse onto the strings
But I can't find a rhyme
I thought I knew these things,
But maybe not this time.

And in the sky the speaker of the Sun, it shines
The noise of our teenage days
And you can try to push fast-forward or rewind,
But it's stuck on play.

I have the song, it never stood a chance,
It wasn't hard to find,
I caught it by some happenstance
And now it is mine.

But at the next light, in a subway scream
Of sadness and naiveté,
Just like some old, forgotten dream,
I let it slip away.

And Bobby, it's going to Manhattan...
Track Name: Bayonne
How I want to tell you, that I love you like a storm,
That you made me remember the reason I was born,
That there is no way to fathom all your beauty and your light,
That everything that mattered disappeared in your eyes.

Driving back from Staten Island with a bullet in my arm,
I am sorry, my sweet darling, but the clerk tripped the alarm.
I think I still have a chance, if I make it to the Meadowlands,
But the wheel is wet and the clerk is dead and the rest is in God's hands.

And I will never have you, we will never meet again,
And the only way to love you is a song that I can't sing,
And I'm not really sure if you were even real,
As real as the morning star above the sleeping hills.

What can be said about it? Where can we arrive?
It's just some fantasy, a daydream, and a way to deal with life.
And there's only hope and prayer that we'll never be alone,
Love is never scared, Love lives in Bayonne.
Track Name: 4 Blue
If you were a zombie, I would let you eat my brain
And the leftovers I'd wrap in cellophane
And save them for the weekend, Sunday, supper time
When the trees whisper in the rain.

And if you were a gangster, I would never have you whacked
Even if my consigliere said "attack"
And we can take the old projector out of the box
So you can watch that movie on my back.

A sail in the distance, scientists in search,
They don't know and they cannot be warned,
There's no mermaids in the bay, because they all swam away
On the day, on the day
You were born

I can't solve the riddle no matter how I try
And the answer is written on my eyes
And the Sphinx looks very happy, but you never hear him talk,
I think he wants to go for a walk.

Spaceship in the distance, scientists in search,
They don't know and they cannot be warned,
There's no martians to X-ray, because they all flew away
On the day, on the day
You were born.
Track Name: Leviathan
Police lights on the George Washington Bridge,
I think some motherfucker went to jump,
I guess they didn't know I had to see a show,
I guess they never got over that hump.

And I am late, I am late,
I left my phone back home in the fridge.
Believe me, Wanda Ray, I want to see you play,
But I am stuck in traffic on the bridge.

And who said "there's no Love, but only Passion"
Was swallowed by The War Against All Men.
Leviathan awakes and so the ground shakes,
But he will too be drowned in the end.

The beast uncoils in the distance
And fear starts collapsing into clumps.
It's going to be alright, I'm not afraid of heights,
I'm just afraid that I am going to jump.

And I am late, I'm always late,
The phone is ringing somewhere in the fridge.
Forgive me, Wanda Ray, don't wait up s'il vous plaît,
'Cause I am stuck in traffic on the bridge.
Track Name: Airport
I want to be your best friend,
But I can't invite you to my birthday party.
It's just that I stopped having them many years ago,
But I'm good for a drive to the airport.

And I don't want to think about you when I'm waking up,
But it happens every day
And then I want to ask your mom if she can let you out to play,
I thought I was too old, I thought we were too old,
This doesn't happen when you're old…
But I guess it happens.

Oh that light inside of me,
I found it somehow, but I cannot understand,
Does it ever end? Will it ever end?
Does it ever end?

What time is your flight?
I'll pick you up and then we'll get some coffee,
And then it's only twenty minutes down the GCP,
Potholes yawning in the sunlight.

And somewhere in the stratosphere the molecules collide
And thunder echoes over the horizon.
People depart, people arrive,
Is it all by chance? Nothing is by chance.
I know I don't have a chance…
But it doesn't matter.
Track Name: Surfing the FDR Drive
I got my bag of nails, I got my quarter tank
The cat is in the mail, the money's in the bank,
So if you need a hero, then you should know that I'm your man,
I'll go to the show, but just so you know
I never really heard about your band.

I'm surfing the FDR Drive

Your grandma's reminiscing about a boy she kissed,
Your grandpa has been missing and no one knows where he is.
Detective's getting tired, they said that he was fried,
They said he drank a lot of beer, pissed off the peer,
And swam to the other side.

He's surfing the FDR Drive

You better check your plumbing so everything gets through,
We told you we were coming and there's nothing you can do.
There is no need to panic and you should know one more thing:
I joke around but I ain't no clown
And KC's got the strings.

We're surfing the FDR Drive
Track Name: 2'nd Ave.
I like when all the lights turn green on 2'nd Avenue,
So I can get downtown in one shot.
I park across the street and try to find a seat,
I do it 'cause that's how I look for God.

Let it be known, let it be know
That I've been always blessed,
I have been blessed by song,
By song I have been blessed.

I wish that could spend all the money in the world
To change every broken string,
Although, in their wake, I see they had to break,
Somewhere in the scheme of things.

Do I put on my disguise? Do I laugh, or do I cry?
Do I try to run and hide and to leave it all behind
For the horrors of the world, for the silence of the soul,
For the unforgiving chance,
For the things that make no sense?

And I will always pray for those with talent for the truth,
For those who are judged and sacrificed,
For they are only saved when they are in their grave,
From which they always rise.
Track Name: Let's Do It Again Someday
Let's do it again someday,
When the last of the snow is all melted,
When the only ones left are believers and friends,
We'll do it, we'll do it again.

Let's do it again someday,
When you're feeling forgotten and lonely,
When whatever you are gets too hard to pretend,
We'll do it, we'll do it again.

Let's do it again someday,
When you finally see for your own,
That there are no beginnings and there are no ends,
Someday we'll do it again.